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Company description

Fusicology.com is multifaceted website and media entity promoting progressive music and culture through event listings and relevant content. A national hub reaching trendsetting, multicultural urbanites, the site and newsletter specialize in providing relevant information for early adopters and the musically forward.

We currently have sustained presence in 17 markets including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco Bay Area, New Orleans, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, Montreal, Philadelphia, Miami. Portland, Seattle, Austin, Vancouver and more coming soon, along with further expansion overseas to follow with London, Amsterdam & Tokyo.

In addition, FUSICOLOGY reaches a direct niche audience using street-level outreach, specialized newsletters, event marketing and other opportunities that emerge through our valuable, long-lasting relationships with an extensive list of record labels, recording artists, event promoters, venues, tastemakers and lifestyle brands. We offer special event production services from concept to completion as well as an array of online and offline marketing campaign creation and execution.


Who We Reach

We have over 125,000 unique readers with high weekly e-blast mailer readership. The site receives over 5 million hits per month. FUSICOLOGY.com's demographic is 55 % male, 45% females, and consists of mainly urban dwellers between the ages of 18 - 45, concentrated on the 21 - 39 demographic.

It is estimated that 1/4 of our readers are involved in the entertainment industry. Our site statistics indicate that FUSICOLOGY.com is a site that is usually visited by each user more than once a week. Although not overseas yet, FUSICOLOGY.com has a growing fan base and soaring traffic across Europe and Asia.

Why We Matter

Reaching the discerning trendsetter has become more elusive in the current over-saturated media climate. In order to influence the influencers you have to know where to find them and how to communicate your message effectively. FUSICOLOGY.com is a site that is frequented by the trendsetters. Our uncompromising event listing only lists the best events in each major region, hand-chosen with the most discerning individual in mind.

With our exclusive media and industry partnerships, FUSICOLOGY.com offers brands a unique opportunity to integrate their creative into our online mailers and onto our website, targeting a demographic of culturally active dwellers in major urban centers and beyond, with those on our site from all over the world.

Business model