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FLM Productions was founded in 2004 as the first US Company to produce and distribute short comedic movies specifically for mobile phones.  FLM’s core business is to produce, co-produce, and license short, comedic videos for global distribution on mobile and the web.  Initially launching as a top-deck channel on in 2004, FLM Productions has since grown to more than 50 distributors, with a library of more than 2,000 films.  A consistent leader in the field of mobile entertainment, Fun Little Movies are launched on iPhones, Blackberries, AT&T, MSN Mobile and the Nokia Ovi Store.  Additionally, FLM has been featured on the front pages of publications including The Los Angeles Times, Forbes, etc. 


Market Opportunity & Customers

Mobile video viewership is rising dramatically, and Fun Little Movies is at the forefront of defining this medium.  The content is short, family-friendly, and universally available, thus having the potential for the widest audience.  Television and films are limited by space, time, energy, and money.  Yet anyone with a cell phone and the right plan can watch Fun Little Movies, anytime, anywhere: at the supermarket, in line at the bank, at home, on breaks from work, even in the restroom. FLM customers enjoy and depend upon such quality content, and return time and time again. For many people around the world, the mobile phone is rapidly becoming a primary source of entertainment.  In fact, on planet Earth, there are more mobile phones than computers, televisions, and cinemas combined, and the number of video-capable handsets is rising dramatically every year.   



FLM is experienced in both making and licensing high-quality, highly successful mobisodes. Company President Frank Chindamo is a global authority on the subject, serving as an Adjunct Professor at USC and an Instructor at UCLA in mobile/web video production.  As a speaker, Chindamo has participated in over 300 panels on Mobile Video for CES, Natpe, Digital Hollywood, etc., and been flown to speak on the subject to London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, New York, Toronto, Las Vegas, Sydney, etc.  FLM’s productions have garnered more than 22 awards, including Mofilm Grand Prize at GSM in Barcelona, where Chindamo was handed the keys to a 2010 Cevrolet by actor Kevin Spacey and covered in CNN, the BBC and the Washington Post. In 2008 at Cannes, FLM beat MTV and Orange for The Content Award sponsored by Nokia.  These awards are won for FLM’s excellent content, including the recently premiered award-winning Turbo Dates and Mr. Wrong series, which help the Babelgum Smart Comedy Channel, (created by Chindamo,) outperform all five of the other competing channels on Babelgum.    Fun Little Movies has more than 2,000 films from which to choose for licensing, sales, and distribution, and the capacity to produce additional top-quality content quickly and inexpensively.  

Distribution, Sales, and Marketing

As a distribution company, FLM controls a library of more than 2,000 films which may grow this year to as many as 5,000 films.  Therefore, FLM’s large selection is an asset when working with its pool of 50 distribution partners—a pool that grows every month.  FLM has partners in such diverse nations as India, MENA, and Indonesia, and in unique local outlets such as Discovery’s Planet Green TV here in the US.  Not only is FLM available across the world, but also across cellphones, launching on the Blackberry, as well as a Premium Partner in Nokia Ovi store and through the iPhone.  FLM provides a broad market with a single, identifiable, easily discoverable, and enjoyable product.  And because of its top deck placement, viewers will discover FLM. Distribution partners are also happy to carry FLM because of its excellent content and unmatched experience.