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Company description is an online platform for user generated news and opinion. We exist to give you the opportunity to air your views and respond to the opinions of others. You can debate issues of local interest to you or discuss points of global importance. Either way, will provide an interesting and stimulating alternative to the sanitised, agenda driven mediocrity of the conventional mass media.
Business model
1.) Online advertising 2.) Sponsored debates 3.) Syndicated content 4.) B2B Partnerships
Competitive advantage
To own online debate via user generated controversy believes that disagreement - or friction - is a vital element for a healthy debate, to reach new insights and to find out what's really going on in society. We need disagreement before we can start to find some answers. So we're looking for many different voices and encourage you to upload your video to voice your opinion in ongoing debates or to start new debates. Say what you want to say is unbiased, open and uncensored (except for explicit content). empowers you to climb on the soapbox and voice your mind about any topic at any time. You can ignore mass media and bring out the issues that really matter, not just the latest on Anna Nicole Smith - although we have a Channel for that topic too!