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58 Redchurch St, Shoreditch, London E3 7DP, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Hello, my name’s Wellington and I am a 27 years old freelance Web Designer. Most of my clients are in the UK, so I decided to invest in my online presence in London and thus work with companies in the region. I can work on developing websites of various types and online tools to help capture customers and those interested in your services and products. If you’re looking for a Freelance Web Developer, let me know!

All the projects I offer are done through a freelance platform to ensure that both, the client and I are safe and that deadlines are met. I develop websites in a great time and for an affordable price, whether you are a small company or a big business.

All the taxes, like VAT, are handled by the platform. That way, you don’t waste time on bureaucracy.