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Freek van Workum Music is a music producer group website where rappers and singers can buy beats online for their songs.
Sometimes, these beats and instrumentals even have hooks on them so you won’t have to write the chorus yourself. There is no place where you could buy beats online that has a wider selection of genres than Freek van Workum so buy beats at our place! 

Secondly, we have various licenses for sale and we also have continuously lucrative beat deals going on. You can not only lease beats at our website. We also offer wav trackouts (with stems) and unlimited leases. These are not only delivered in mp3, but also in high quality wav stems. Aside these licenses, you can also buy exclusive beats that you may pick from the beat store holding our instrumentals for sale. Seems to us that if you are going to buy rap beats you’re going to purchase at our place.

Furthermore, you can be sure that we have the best Soundclick instrumentals on our profile. Although there are a few other producers that have hard rap beats as well, most do not have the same status of Freek within the music industry. Several major artists have bought beats from Freek. With four gold and even a platinum record to his name, Freek van Workum is starting to become a known producer in the industry. If Kid Ink, Ti, 2 Chainz and TechN9ne thrust Freek’s sound, why wouldn’t you buy beats from him? Exactly!

Last but not least, checking out will be safe and quick as well. We are happy to tell you that our website is SSL certified and insured for 6 figures in damage just in case something may go wrong when buying beats at our store. Nothing will happen to you when checking out your instrumentals, it is all safe!

Concluding, we at have musical variation, high quality beats and a secured shopping environment so buy your beats with us! 

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