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Company description
Glynx is software that runs on your phone and PC to manage your Identity and communications online. Its fully patent protected. In beta now at 2. Glynx is highly secure as it runs P2P without any central server observing or mediating your Identity, transactions or relationships 3. Glynx provides the secure glue between the different islands of identity you have in the Web 2.0 world, so you can manage your buddy lists, contact managers, PIMs and other identity stores as a private, integrated whole: a. auto-sync/update of Outlook contacts with others (other PIM and contact managers coming later) b. auto-management/sync of buddy lists held in Web 2.0 social networking sites c. auto-management/sync of your relationship management Web 2.0 islands 4. Glynx provides a better way to manage your calls by putting you, not your carrier, in control of your communications from your PC or smartphone: a. Integrates Mobile presence of your buddy list with Skype, etc. b. Tells you before you call if the person you are calling is available c. Gives you P2P voicemail, email, IM right from your device d. Enables you to optimize least cost routing to VoIP clients you or your contacts may use. Glynx technology has other applications (such as P2P exchange of medical records) beyond telco and web 2.0
Business model
Patented model for: 1) P2P exchange of identity information 2) Call control from the calling device (mobile or PC)