Multi-Ethnic Instacart
Emeryville, California, United States United States
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Company description

Bab Shuttle is a multi-ethnic grocery delivery service. As the market scene for grocery delivery is getting heated up with Instacart, Amazon Fresh, and Google Shopping Express fighting for the mainstream population, we were quick to recognize a significant niche market with the Asian population (33% of Bay Area). In our alpha testing, 11%+ of UC Berkeley’s Korean population have signed up within 3 weeks of launching, by word of mouth.  We have been generating revenue since day one, and we are expanding to the Chinese market and to the rest of the Bay Area as requested by potential customers who have heard about us from a friend.


Business model

We charge $10 for delivery and 10 cents per item (avg 15 items per delivery). Out of $11.5 dolloars, we keep $6 and pay drivers $5.5 per delivery, which means that drivers can make up to $27.5 per hour. 

Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage is that our team consists of two Korean co-founders and one chinese programming intern, who understand the problem the best.