Location: Ausstellungsstrasse 36, Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 01/2015, Seed: $1 M (post valuation: $4000000).
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Awards and mentions
The Zurich based startup Perspective Robotics was awarded, among other prizes, $120’000 for winning the Techstars pitching competition at the CES event. The startup was recognised for its innovative aerial robotics mainly for the recently launched tethered and foldable quadcopter called Fotokite Phi.
Fotokite, developer of a tethered flying camera for journalists, has won the Qualcomm QPrize Europe.
TED Fellow and Fotokite founder Sergei Lupashin demos the Fotokite on the TED stage.
Successful technology transfer describes the process of converting scientific findings from research laboratories into innovative products, processes and services by the commercial sector. During the 2017 European Robotics Forum (ERF), the three most outstanding examples of technology transfer in robot technology and automation will receive the euRobotics Technology Transfer Award (cash awards and signed certificates).


Aerial filming made simple.
Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland
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Company description

Fotokite's misison is to make aerial sensing simple and safe. We solve the reasons that drone aren't flying- for hours at a time, in cities, and with guaranteed accountability. The Fotokite flies for 24+ hours, 100% autonomously. Purchased and delivered to CNN, BBC, AFP, and Tribune, the Fotokite is the first-ever UAV approved by the FAA for commercial use in the US.


Business model

Fotokite’s mission is to make aerial sensing simple and safe. Fotokite manufactures and delivers UAV solutions to customers in professional broadcast and public safety markets where traditional drones are not suitable. These markets include Fire & Rescue, Public Safety, and Live News & Sports Broadcast. Vehicle-mounted Fotokite systems can be used to quickly and autonomously provide aerial situational awareness to firefighters and save lives. Press-and-fly Fotokite systems can be used to autonomously fly and broadcast live news and sports events for hours, further democratizing the ability to share locally produced content on a global scale. We aim to be the leading global provider of aerial sensor solutions in the Public Safety, News, and Sports Broadcast markets by delivering unique value based on Fotokite technology.

Competitive advantage

Commercial-grade UAVs are not being widely utilized in the real world due to fundamental limitations such as limited flight time (20-30 minutes), safety (not allowed in cities), and accountability. Fotokite’s aerial solutions solve these core issues by offering a system that is safer (approved by aviation authorities for use in cities), simple and socially accepted for public use according to our customers (CNN, BBC, AFP, NASA), and capable of 24+ hours of flight time. A key aspect of solving these issues is our patented technology, which enables tethered UAV systems to fly 100% autonomously in fully closed-loop form. This provides an entirely unique safety layer in UAV flight stacks that no other drone technology contains and represents key tech advantages in safety and autonomy.

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Robolution Capital - Unconfirmed
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