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Company description

Construction firms, property/facilities management organizations, field service companies and may other industries rely heavily on mobile workers to perform work critical to the business.  Managing this work has many problems: inefficient paper-based processes, no access to critical information from the field, cumbersome data collection and reporting. Until now, existing tools and solutions have proven inadequate.

FotoNotes leverage the power of mobile and cloud technology to help these organizations disruptively transform how they manage mobile work. FotoNotes streamlines operations, improves customer service and saves significant time and money.

The FotoNotes Product

 FotoNotes is a mobile and cloud platform for managing work orders/tasks/projects and field data collection including inspections, field reporting and punchlists.

FotoNotes has four integrated components:

  • FotoNotes Mobile App enables the capture and sharing of rich information (e.g. photos, voice notes, GPS  data and signatures) in addition to structured text and data
  • FotoNotes Cloud provides a secure, central hub that allows real-time communication, collaboration, information management, and reporting
  • FotoNotes Configuration Console lets administrators easily customize dynamic solutions to replace traditional form-based processes
  • FotoNotes API allows data to move seamlessly to and from any back-office system.

FotoNotes addresses a broad market problem found in large industries such as real estate, construction, manufacturing and insurance. Since just launching product in 2013, FotoNotes has closed number of paying customers, including CBRE, McKesson, Teknion.

Business model

Subscription SaaS pricing.  $20 user/month

Targeting mid-size and large enterprises.


Competitive advantage

Existing solutions are inflexible, poorly designed or lack platform features critical to the enterprise.

FotoNotes is the only product that provides:

  • configurability to allow enterprise to easily mobilize their existing busines processes, forms and reports
  • a beautiful, easy to use mobile app
  • capture of images, voice notes, GPS and other mobile data
  • real time synchronization and sharing  of data
  • enterprise class cloud platform
  • a full integration platform