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Company description

Nowadays, people receive a lot of emails to their inbox and sometimes it is very easy to miss email from a potential customer. However most of the existing form backend services offer only email notifications. That is why we’ve built - to help people get their leads as soon as possible and in the easiest way, through the chat applications that can be used anywhere - on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

Our project allows to instantly get notified of form submissions to the messenger of your choice: Telegram, Viber, Messenger, Slack, (more coming) and reach out to your leads before your competitors do.

Form2chat is great for Lead Gathering, setting up a Contact Form or Newsletter Sign-up form, and collecting Surveys results.

Just copy your URL, and update your form's action attribute. No library, no CSS override, no iframe, nothing else is needed. Works with AJAX too.






Business model

Freemium. Users may choose between limited free plan or upgrade to monthly/yearly plan. Price range $5/mo - $49/mo depending on customer needs.

Competitive advantage

Most of the existing form backend services offer only email notifications or Zapier integration. We offer this too, but our main feature is that users may directly setup their favourite message platform integration with just a few clicks.