Force Impact Techologies
Location: Cypress, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 01/2014, Seed: $100 k (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
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Force Impact Techologies

The Brain's Check-Engine Light
Cypress, California, United States United States
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Company description

Our company is the a leader in the emerging 'wearable technology' sector that focuses on providing 'smart' products for young amateur athletes between the ages of 12 and 25, that enhance their on-field experience, performance and safety.

Our first product The FIT Guard™ aims to solve the problem of athletes returning to play, when they have a high probability of having a concussion. In order to do this, better detection of concussion probabilities is needed.

Our mouthguard will visually display the force of an impact. Through the use of high-luminosity LEDs, a Gyroscope, an Accelerometer, a complex user-specific algorithm, and a microcontoller, our product illuminates a certain color, if a force breaches a set threshold. That color is correlated to the probability the player suffered a concussion based on reasonable and thoughtful concussion proximities derived from clinical research. Our goal is to minimize inherent risk associated with players remaining on the field after suffering an undetected concussion. We hope to minimize the long term health risks associated with repetitive blows to a concussed brain.




  • Anthony Gonzales
    Anthony Gonzales | Founder
    Trying to help keep kids safe, as a coach, and athlete, and an entrepreneur.
Business model

 Describe your company’s business model:
We provide a full system to identify, document, and respond to potential head injury in athletic activities. We do this
through our FITGuard which is a mouthguard that measures linear and angular acceleration, embedded with an LED to indicate when a user should be removed from play for further evaluation. After which, our custom smartphone application prompts individual to perform an Acute Concussion Evaluation (A.C.E.) for the player that has been removed for play. This will then be useful to provide to a physician so they may offer a diagnoses. In addition, data is uploaded to our servers in hopes that it will create the first database of cranial forces in youth sport. This is important because it will allow further research to be conducted to better understand the risk athletes expose themselves to. We target youth athletics because this demographic is the most vulnerable to concussions and typically has the fewest medical support resources at the time of an incident.

Competitive advantage

What are the core values and core purpose of the company? What is your company deeply passionate about?
The core purpose of our company is to improve the safety of athletes around the world. My co-founder and I are passionate about this endeavor because as life-long athletes, we each have lived through the traumatic effects of a head-injury. We care, because we are informed and now that my co-founder has a son, and I plan to one-day as well, the issue has become more than about us. It always has been bigger than us. We want to help improve the safety equipment used in competitive play to ensure participants are well-informed, and understand the risks that they expose themselves to. If they do end up in an ambiguous impact-situation, they will be able to make an informed decision because they had quantitative data to consider. In order to make this happen we have established three paramount core values: Integrity – to always place safety and social welfare above potential profit. Diligence – to always strive to make things safer, better, and more efficient. Lastly, community – knowing this problem is a global issue and it takes more than us to fix it, we want to have an open-source, well contributed base for the community to discuss, suggest, and help us improve our devices to ensure we are always providing the best available resources to help keep people safe.

 What are your core strategies? What drives your economic engine?
Our core strategies are based on our principle values. We are in the development process of engineering a device that can revolutionize how organized sports manage the safety of their athletes. We will disrupt an industry through innovation and the application of new technology into standard equipment. Our core strategy involves awareness and exposure. The FITGuard does a wonderful job communicating its value once in action. However, the largest issue is educating the consumer about this or even making them aware of the issue in the first place. Therefore, we have developed a strategy that allows us to hyper-localize our effort to individual leagues and sporting organizations. We want to form partnerships at the city or county level and grow those relationships organically year after year, until we are seamlessly integrated as standard safety equipment. After we have demonstrated our ability to improve the safety of athletes through reducing the amount of traumatic brain injuries, we can approach additional leagues and apply a proven model and method. With this strategy we hope to have controlled, scalable growth, with a large potential to grow exponentially, once we have established an effective “supply chain” to managing head-injuries.

What sets your company apart from its competitors?
Our strongest competitive advantage is our full-system-approach. Not only do we want to help one understand when they might have a head-injury, but we want to assist in how it is documented, what information is available to the physician, and how recovery can be measured if one were injured. Other competitors simply offer their version of an “impact indicator,” none of which are in mouthguards.
Another competitive advantage the device level is that our mouthguard measures both linear and angular acceleration, as opposed to just linear. Additionally, it allows the users to program in important bio-metric data such as: Age, Weight, Gender, all of which are important factors to calculate risk. We do not use a one size fits all approach


Our Milestones: We have won over eight, cash dispersing grants, accumulating nearly $50,000 in equity-free contributions. The most significant and latest being the Edson Venture completion at ASU, which after many long years and applying three times, I am happy to say we finally won. I will have to say the most significant milestone has yet to happen, but if all things go according to plan by September 01, 2014, we should have our first functioning prototype in an enclosed mouthguard, that communicates with a smart phone, and uploads that data to our centralized data base. There are several smaller milestones that have gone into this objective, such as raising $100,000 of convertible debt through friends and family, the support from ASU in the form of mentorship, laboratory access, exposure in the media, news stories and interviews, have all paid a part in pushing us forward to complete our objectives. As an entrepreneur, who has faced many challenged presented during this role, I have been encouraged by experiencing how much people want to see this device brought to market; this gives me the energy and motivation to continue.

shaun arora
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