For Your Imagination

Internet TV Production and Monetization
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

For Your Imagination produces and markets high-quality original Internet  TV, web video series and video podcasts, turning concept into reality for  content creators and talent. The company works with creative individuals  to develop their show, offering them the opportunity to reach an audience  quickly and effectively while retaining creative control.

For Your Imagination’s talented team writes, produces and markets entertaining videos for online distribution and as a podcast download via iTunes. New York City based For Your Imagination is built upon the experience of industry veterans whose combined expertise include web development, major television and movie production, national marketing campaigns and technology.

Business model

For Your Imagination has three interlocking revenue models based upon the production and marketing of high-quality original Internet TV and web video series.

  1. Professional services for producing and marketing original web video content.
  2. Developed content is produced and marketed to maximize audience growth and to yield advertising and sponsorships revenue. These shows are expected to find franchise opportunities with traditional media.
  3. Technology specifically developed to resolve the professional Internet TV industry’s pain points is planned for released in 2008.
Competitive advantage
The company works with creative individuals to develop web shows, offering them the opportunity to reach an audience quickly while retaining creative control and not suffering from the limitation of traditional broadcast.