Foodtree Media Inc.
Location: 124 East Pender Street, Vancouver, Canada Canada
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Anthony is an experienced chef and a solid entrepreneur. Foodtree is a huge opportunity to collect a level of data around food and food systems that just doesn't exist currently.


Foodtree Media Inc.

Know more. Eat better.
Vancouver, Canada Canada

Foodtree is a discovery platform for the $75 Billion dollar specialty food and beverage market. We help food businesses communicate where their products are and how they're different. For 57 million gourmet and aspiring gourmet eaters, we're building a better food guide based on what they care about, like quality ingredients and sourcing practices.

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Company description

For specialty food and beverage brands, Foodtree is a social-mobile marketing platform. It is like Bandpage meets for food.


  • Anthony Nicalo
    Anthony Nicalo | Team member
    Chef. Entrepreneur. Food. Open Data. @open_food . Provenance. futbol. @foodtree and @farmstead
Business model

Today, our target customers are specialty food businesses, like manufacturers, grocers, distributors, wineries, coffee roasters, etc. They need social marketing tools that make it easy for them to share the story behind their product, integrate with social media channels, and work for mobile consumers. In the future, our customers will include Consumer Packaged Goods companies that collectively launch 25,000 plus food products per year. They need better information about ingredient-level trends and consumer values-based preferences.

Our target market is gourmet and specialty food. It is $75 Billion per year in the US. The annual marketing and advertising budget in the industry is $7.5 Billion. This market is driven by 57 million households in the US who are specialty food shoppers.

Market research in the US is $15 Billion per year. $7 Billion of that is market intelligence for the food and beverage industry. It is driven by CPG companies like Unilever and Kraft, who launch over 25,000 new food and drink products per year.
We sell to executives at medium to large food brands, including manufacturers, certification organizations and branded distributors. They buy to make it easier for their potential customers to locate their products, especially on smartphones; or to position their products as premium by sharing the story behind their ingredients.

Competitive advantage

Facebook pages- Foodtree integrates and lets them reach a food-aware audience directly.

DIY- businesses building their own custom web/mobile solutions. The Foodtree platform gets them their faster/cheaper.

Mintel/Euromonitor- more accurate, real-time data.