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FoneSense is a multi-sensory mobile engagement platform. It lets advertisers reach their target consumers and turn them into brand ambassadors, rewarding them with coupons, cash or donations to charity.

The core concept involves the use of audio triggers to build brand affinity and engage with consumers by using audio and visuals.

The consumer will have either the FoneSense app or a specific brands app, featuring the FoneSense technology, installed on their Android smartphone. They select a targeted offer and then every time they receive a call or SMS they will get rewarded for broadcasting the brands message. They finish the call and occasionally they will receive an offer such as a time limit and map to their nearest retailer telling them they will receive 40% off  their purchase if they redeem the offer within one hour.

The content received by the user following a call could be anything from an app install, a video, a web page to a social network action; any content that a brand may wish to provide a user with to promote continual engagement.