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Company description

FLYR revolutionizes the way we book flights.

Booking flights today is a difficult process by design:

  • Travelers spend 6.5 hours searching on 22 websites
  • While they search - 29 days elapsed while airfares increase
  • $200 avg. airline change fees - US Airlines collect $3 Billion a year in change fees

Booking with FLYR:

  • 2 minutes spent
  • 1 Mobile App used
  • Simply search and select the flights you’re interested in
  • We protect you against rising prices for 7 days
  • Get notified of even better deals as they become available
  • Switch or cancel your flights without penalty

We are a team of 11 data scientists, developers and marketers in San Francisco, leveraging machine learning to turn the FLYR promise into reality. 

Our API is now available for beta users, and our iOS app will be launched in the spring.


1) How do you know when prices are going up?
We manipulate over 135 Billion records of airfare data to accurately predict prices and availability.
2) Why do travel companies want to work with you?
We are extremely good at predicting where airfares will go, and this allows us to sell price insurance. That price insurance is combined with automatic detection of better deals, and since we do not book flights but rather insure against price increases people can change or cancel at will with no charges.
3) How much does this "change" insurance cost a consumer? Why would they pay it? 
About $22 to lock in an airfare for seven days. People pay it because 1) change fees are $200 2) we automatically find better deals 3) as a result, our service ends up saving people money and is extremely convenient (book a flight in 2 minutes as opposed to searching over 22 websites in 6.5 hours as people do today, on average).
4) Don't airlines already offer consumers an ability to change flights?
Typically, flights where you can change without penalties are 3X to 7X more expensive than regular fares. That's why nobody buys them -97% of flights booked are on regular coach with change restrictions.
5) Is this live today?
The API is in beta right now and we are launching the mobile app in < 2 months.
6) If this is an insurance policy of sorts, if a consumer does change flights, who pays the cancellation fee for the cancelled flight? 
Nobody, because no flight was booked.
7) Are all the flights booked on mobile or is their a Web version?
Mobile first, API and web second.




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Business model

FLYR charges a fee for it's airfare protection service. On top of that we receive affiliate commissions from travel sites or airlines for redirecting a flight purchase to them (i.e. after the airfare protection expires).

Competitive advantage

First company offering airfare prediction and airfare insurance on a global scale. First intuitive mobile app powered by machine learning methods to get travelers what they deserve: instant mobile booking, protection against price increases, access to better deals and elimination of change fees.  

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Mark Belinsky - Unconfirmed
Alireza Masrour
Alireza Masrour - Unconfirmed
Plug & Play Ventures - Unconfirmed
Plug & Play Ventures is a seed and early-stage Investment firm focused on investing in emerging growth companies. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, It is the investment arm of [] which has over 150 portfolio comp...