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Company description

Fliptop provides personalized subscription services for publishers and consumers.  Fliptop currently has two products - Fliptop for Publishers and the Fliptop Browser Button.

Fliptop for Publishers is a real-time alerts button that publishers can add to their website or blog that combines multiple subscription options (Email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, SMS) into a single Subscribe button. 

The Fliptop Browser Button allows consumers to create a filtered alert for a website they’re on, and get notified whenever content is published matching their keywords.   


Fliptop is free to consumers.   Publishers will pay a low monthly subscription fee when the product is out of Beta, similar to email marketing services

References and examples of previous work
Doug Camplejohn previously founded two companies that were acquired - Myplay (acquired by Bertelsmann) and Mi5 Networks (acquired by Symantec).