Location: 274 Redwood Shores Parkway, Suite 404, Redwood City, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
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Awards and mentions
Vator Splash Finalist , LA , June 7, 2012
Best Startup 2012, The Startup Conference, May 2, 2012
Unanimously voted Winner Best Startup, 2012 by 2 different panels consisting of big names like Dave Mc Clure of 500 Startups, Thomas Korte of Angelpad, Joyce Chung of Garage Ventures , Manu Kumar of K 9 , Soft Tech Ventures and a few others

Love the idea of a place where students, even those in high school can get connected to the local community. The fact that you can be assured your kids get a safe place to work, while doing something they like (teaching soccer, Math, catering for a party etc.) is very appealing.

Flipgigs fills a gap. The market space is underserved, and rather ignored by the big players. The business plan is solid, and if effectively implemented will see surprising results, in my opinion. Jayati is very driven and motivated to steer Flipgigs from a fledgling start-up to a business success.

Just the thing we need for our kids today,a safe secure place which gives them the chance to use their wings freely to fly in a sky which has no boundaries for those who have it in themsleves.
Freedom to have fun,freedom to create,freedom to express and bond and not worry about the thorns.
What a bliss :)

Great help for young adults looking for experience.

Love the idea! A new social marketplace that connects students with part-time gigs. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Great idea...attacking a large unaddressed market opportunity.



The one place to hire smart, scrappy, motiated students
Redwood City, California, United States United States

Flipgigs is a talent based student skill sharing social network connecting savvy consumers and businesses to an affordable network of students from High Schools and Colleges who are looking for exciting gigs and jobs.

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Company description

While everthing else seems to have gone social including shopping and online dating, one thing that has been stuck in the past is the way students find odd jobs and gigs. Believe me. When it comes to odd jobs students still  have to knock on doors, ask their parents network or school officials. That's what we had to do many many decades back.  Enter Flipgigs. Flipgigs is a talent based student skill sharing social network connecting savvy consumers and businesses with a motivated, affordable , scrappy network of students in High Schools & Colleges eager  to find gigs and jobs. Our website,

Students also get to build a portfolio of work that can showcase their passion and commitment to prospective colleges and employers. There is not a single site that creates these connections and creates these opportunities. Flipgigs has the potential to be the LinkedIn for students



Flipgigs is currently in Private Beta and is growing virally locally and in communities across the US.


According to a recent post on Forbes, Flipgigs is the top 5 most promising social sites for students and has the potential to be a very large company.

Flipgigs has also been declared Winner of The Best Startup award at  The Startup Conference in Mountain View on May 2, 2012. Flipgigs was unanimously voted by a panel of investors consisting of Dave McClure of 500 Startups, Thomas Korte of Angel Pad , Joyce Chung of Garage Ventures, Manu Kumar of K9 and a few others.


Formidable Target Market Size : About 28.2 million College Students + 16 million High Schoolers in US . 75% of them work part-time.  By the time they are in College they represent about $60 billion in buying power . Something needs to feed that buying power besides the bank of mom and dad.


Flipgigs is the only innovative platform that taps into student talent and provides a solution to the most vexing problems faced by many. If you are looking for cheap affordable scrappy services - maybe you just bought a new Macbook but don't know much about the Mac OS, maybe you need a Math Tutor for your kid and can't pay exorbitant fees, a music mentor or a Varsity Sports Instructor, you have to check out this amazing service.


Unlike some other players in this space that targets retired people or homemakers to run errands, we are less into errand outsourcing and more into top 5-7 kickass student services mainly academic tutoring, music mentoring, sports instruction, babysitting, social media marketing, blogging , translations etc.

At Flipgigs we hope to socially revolutionize the student short and part -time employment market. So far we have been very well received by investors and the greater entrepreneur community and are actively seeking funding.

Competitive advantage

There is simply no other platform that taps into student talent and provides a social experience that hopes to solve the most vexing problems for many out there. We are not into mundane errand outsourcing business like the Zaarly's and the Task Rabbits or Exec's  of the world. About 25% of Taskrabbits' workforce is retired people. Only 10% are college students. Craigslist has no focus on gigs and often mixes seedy posts with genuine requests. It also thrives on complete anonymity.  Flipgigs on the other hand is a trusted social network that is very focussed on top 5 - 7 kickass student services mainly academic tutoring , music mentoring , sports instruction and babysitting, blogging, social media marketing. etc.