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Company description

Flickflyer is a mobile app for today’s digital sellers/buyers who are constrained to traditional, time-consuming marketplaces; the Flickflyer app provides a B2B/B2C social marketplace where sellers can easily record and upload video listings from their smartphone, unlike the competition. Our product delivers a simpler, more intuitive and engaging platform that saves sellers time, and gives buyers the confidence to make purchasing decisions.

Key Benefits:
- Use smartphone to record and upload video/photos
- Use #hashtags with listings for easy search and distribution
- Connect w/Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
- Share on Craigslist, eBay, and any forum via site-generated HTML flyer
- View engagement with video/page analytics
- Communicate with sellers in real-time through in-app messaging

Our team believes in better connecting, communicating, and transacting more effectively through mobile video technology. With Flickflyer - It's as easy as Shoot, Upload, Sell!

The iOS app available at:







Awards and Mentions
  • 13512_2353
    Vator Splash Oakland is Vator's premier startup event and competition.
  • 13512_2162
    Out of 50 Finalists, 15 were selected to pitch on stage
  • 13512_2161
    Hundreds of students, faculty, judges, and other attendees voted for their favorite startup
  • 13512_2114
    One of the annual pitches from Elance where 10 startups were selected to pitch to a crowd and panel of esteemed judges. We took home 3rd place: $500 prize and had some great meetings afterwards!
  • 13512_1624
    Won 1st place for best Startup Idea among 20 other startups with students from Stanford University
  • 13512_1623
    Pitched Flickflyer to panel of investors below, among ~15 other startups, and one first place for Best Pitch, specifically for clear problem/solution, market size, and slides/presentation. Panel: Salil Pradhan, Venture Partner , Draper Nexus Ventures Rajesh Swaminathan Associate Investment Manager,Applied Materials Andre De Baubigny, Founder and Managing Partner ,Deepfork Capital Deb Karstetter, Member, The Angels Forum Manny Fernandez, Angel Investor, Partner,SF Angel Andre Gueziec, Angel Investor (sold last startup) Mike Loftus, Entrepreneur in Residence, Angels Forum Sarah Ham, Associate, DBL Investors
  • Business model

    Market:  U.S. E-Commerce is $262B, with M-Commerce at about $12B with double-digit YoY growth, the market is expected to increase three-fold by 2017.  We’ve pinpointed the U.S. as the target market for several key reasons:

    • It has one of the best fulfillment infrastructures for item delivery
    • 3G and 4G infrastructure is sufficient for mobile video (in fact, 51% of mobile traffic is dedicated to video – source: Cisco)
    • 190 million online shoppers, more than 50% have smartphones and 8/10 prefer video content, in lieu of pictures


    Customers:  Our target market segment and customers are college students in the Bay Area, to gain initial traction.  We are focusing our efforts on one campus, SJSU, and will implement a “bowling pin” strategy to hit the other universities in 2014.  As part of our Go-to-Market strategy, we’ve pinpoint college students for these reasons:

    • 94% have smartphones and are using similar applications (Vine, Instagram Video, Social Cam, Snapchat)
    • $100B discretionary spending power (much of which is spent online on electronics, clothing, accessories)
    • Easy to reach via direct marketing, event sponsorships, partnerships with organizations, word-of-mouth etc.
    • Value: save time/make$ selling textbooks, dorm items, electronics, event tickets; and can save $ buying used goods

    Competition:  Our main competition is Craigslist and eBay; however, we do not want our customers to use us exclusively, just yet, we want to leverage these marketplaces.  By allowing our customers to post on Flickflyer and share on Craigslist and eBay, we allow our ‘suppliers’ to bring in the ‘demand’ from Craigslist/eBay’s user base.  This is similar to AirBnB's growth model for market adoption

    What’s stopping these giants from squashing us? 

    Craigslist is set on being a low-bandwidth, non-profit, and bare-bones site – implementing video is highly unlikely.  eBay already allows users to post videos, but they have to go through upload process on YouTube and then embed into eBay, this process has a lot of steps and causes a lot of friction; whereas, Flickflyer stands above as a low-friction, easy-to-post site and application.  For eBay to try an integrate a 1-2-3 process for video, users still have to go through all the other time-consuming steps of creating a listing. 

    Where we are now:

    After our pilot program/soft launch last fall an SJSU, we realized that we would need more brand recognition and more content/supply.

    Since then, we've made an addition to our business model to focus on being a platform solution for other e-commerce sites.  This will help us to:

    1. Generate revenue from white labelled solution
    2. Generate revenue from rev share agreements
    3. Receive brand recognition/grow awareness (each video post on white labelled product would say "powered by Flickflyer"
    4. Grow content/supply on our own marketplace (we aggregate posts from our our ecommerce partners...videos uploaded on their sites will be cross-posted on Flickflyer.  When a user visits Flickflyer they can see that a post was uploaded via "AirBnB Mobile, Etsy Mobile"
    5. Gain more credibility

    Benefits to E-Commerce clients/partners are focused on three factors: Our video technology enhancements will give competitive advantage, increase traffic, and increase revenue.

    Background on our first client:

    We have currently closed 1 business deal (have 2 others lined up) with an E-Commerce client that was:

    1) Looking to gain an upper-hand against their main competition

    2) Looking to solve a problem that their user-base was having...mothers (their users) wanted to buy used baby goods products (cribs, toys, clothes, breast pumps, etc), but didn't trust just having pictures

    3) Looking to increase traffic and revenue

    4) Giving the busy mothers a quick and efficient way to document and sell their items online. 

    Flickflyer was the solution to solve all of these.

    Revenue Model from listings: 

    Aside from white-labeling, our business model three-tiered:

    1) Like eBay, we will take a commission from each successful transaction that takes place over our platform (eBay charges 9%, we charge 5%). 

    2) Fees:  We will charge a $10 monthly subscriptions for frequent sellers - benefits would be: unlimited video listings and length of video, video analytics, and no listing fees; and would charge $1 per each premium listing category: home listings, automobiles, and any other high ticket items that benefit most from video.

    3) Rev Share: By partnering with niche web forums, forum owners will advertise Flickflyer to their users to upload via Flickflyer app and post to their Buy/Sell/Trade section.  For each successful transaction, we split revenues with the forums.



    Competitive advantage

    Key competitive advantages are:

    1) 1st to Market

    2) Streamlined video uploads in seconds.  (eBay and other sites offer video, but not through their apps, you have to record, download onto computer, upload onto YouTube, then embed the HTML code on your listing)

    3) We have an in-house (not outsourced) team of talented and experienced developers/designers working in the Philippines at a lower rate than competitors in the U.S.  

    4) The value that we bring through our auxiliary benefits (video analytics, community pages, posting to eBay, Craigslist, forums) that are integrated into our business model for additional revenues that the competition lacks. 

    5) White labeling solution for key E-Commerce sites, no other marketplace/competitor provides this level of integrated solution.

    6) Post once and share to all.  Flickflyer has been built as the go-to solution for individuals who want a one-stop-stop solution for getting their items posted all across the web.  We allow users to easily share to Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Craigslist, and any community forum.

    Mobile phones and mobile internet have grown in power and efficiency in the last few years and we believe that the technology is ripe for the daily phone user to capture video and share them online.  Our product, Flickflyer is aimed to maximize these capabilities.