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Company description

The social market network and publishing tool allowing people to discover and share collections of products they love. User curate collections of products from 3000+ brands and stores and pair it alongside UGC content to promote and share across the web. Every purchase made or influenced earns users an affiliate commission on the sale generated. Users Flatlay posts have an embedded link driving friends and followers back to thier profile page dedicated to their posts and collections.

The platform is connected to our backend Flatlay Connect publishers dashboard - a portal allowing stores and brands to upload products, initiate and create campaigns with influencers in real time providing accountability, ROI and transparency.



Sign up at www.theflatlay.com to learn more and recieve an invitation for the launch.











  • Ali Sammour
    Ali Sammour | Founder
  • Morteza Nokhodian Esfahani
    Morteza Nokhodian Esfahani | Founder
    I am a technology enthusiast and an entrepreneur at heart. My real passion is problem solving, finding better ways to do things really excites me. I have been working in different position mostly for software design and development as well as a bi...
Business model

Revenue is based on providing the platform as a freemium service, up-charging brands for access to particular features. The goal is to onboard and integrate as many as possible, getting them hooked on running collaborations with campaign insights. We then begin to scale on cross brand promotions and audience extensions, automating the marketing process on an enterprise level.

Competitive advantage

Commerce has evolved, and the discovery process has progressed.

People are the new publishers in the era of “User Generated Commerce”. 

By leveraging the popular style of Flat Lay photography, we provide everyone with the ability to monetize product related content across the web. FLATLAY connects consumers, curators and brands with an established level of brand equity they’re familiar with and participate in – growing at 300% WoW.

The platform activates an entire shadow market – an untapped supply of brand marketing content crowdsourced using products people already own or may have recently purchased. We empower both ends of the spectrum, providing early content creators access to brands with self-serve tools while established personalities participate in multiple brand collaborations – helping them to build a consistent pipeline of revenue through managed services.


Looking at the landscape today, a market gap and an opportunity exists in which entry level/niche brands are not being serviced. The largest brands are connected to people with influential reach while the rest of the market remains untapped. We empower all brands the ability to find and hire their next advocate, connecting them with people who drive influential engagement based on a brands image and ethos. Helping bootstrapped brands drive their bottom line is what will allow us to win.