• Overview
Company description is an international project that provides a tool for online consults between dietitians, nutritionists and their clients over video chat. The idea behind this platform came as a result of connecting two elements: the accessibility of video communication, and an introspective look at the health problems facing the world today (growing obesity, difficulties in weight loss, children obesity, anorexia, bulimia, diabetics). Consults provided by the experts at offer a source of professional insight into the world of dieting, healthy nutrition, and healthy lifestyle overall. offers its clients a tailored approach to dieting, through access to an abundance of qualified dietitians and nutritionists in one place, allowing to get help even on the most precise topics.

Aside from the general search tool, users are able to navigate the platform using tags, thus filtering the base of experts according to their preferences. It is even possible to narrow down users’ search results to very precise fields of interest, be it the paleo diet or protein intolerance. offers a flexible solution for its users’ requests, giving the opportunity to consult experts from various fields not bound by time zones or geographical location.

The price for the service depends only on the expert preferences and experience, and ranges from $20 up to $500 (per consult). This form of telemedicine makes users life easier and allows to lower the overall treatment costs.