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Ever wondered how it would be if you didn't have to share your blog-posts on countless social networks and care how many times the same was re-shared?
Ever wished you could have an endless list of quality content that didn't require you to search again and again? We did too, and that's one of the reasons we set about building FirstQuarto.

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Company description

FirstQuarto is a social original-content sharing tool that lets you post original content in the form of articles, blog-posts, opinions, commentaries, reviews etc. and have your ideas rated, shared and publicized by fellow users.

We believe in aiming to make the world's best original content easily accessible and usable. In an age when the world rates just about everything from restaurants to presidents, we realize how important quality-rating is and how beautifully it serves the dual purpose of providing absolute publicity and saving one's time.

  • Prasenjit Singh
    Prasenjit Singh | Team member
    I believe in the power that startups have to achieve what big organizations cannot.