Firefly for Twitter

Firefly for Twitter
See where your Twitter friends are right now
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Company description

Firefly is a mobile location app that allows you to instantly see where your Twitter friends are in the real world directly from check-ins and tweets posted to Twitter by any other location-based service.  With Firefly, you can easily see where your friends are right now and interact with them directly through Twitter, all without having to create and maintain another separate list of friends.

Business model

The potential business models for location-based services revolve around local advertising and sponsorships. Like other players in this emerging market, we intend to offer the ability for businesses to target nearby users at the right time and the right location to induce a visit and purchase at a local establishment.  

To achieve scale, we envision having a self-service advertising platform like Google's AdWords that allows local businesses to easily set up advertising, coupons and rewards that are triggered based on factors such as check-in location, check-in history, time, geographic radius, user demographics, keywords and other relevant information.  These offers, coupons and rewards are then presented to the user in the UI as offers that are relevant and interesting to their current situation.

Competitive advantage

Firefly is deeply integrated with Twitter in the same way that Facebook places is deeply integrated with Facebook.  Specifically, while existing check-in services can *push* their check-ins over to Twitter, they don't *pull* any information out of Twitter about where your friends are.  As a result, these other services are essentially separate information silos, they require new users to build out another friends list, and they cannot show a complete picture of where your Twitter friends are, right now.