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Think of us as rate my professor, but for advisors. We are an online community that helps young professionals find reputable financial advisors. Part of finding a quality advisor is reviewing their employing firm, so we provide firm reviews as well. To compliment pick a prof, users may also ask finance-related questions which site advisors will answer.

Young professionals are on the move. A young professional’s first move usually occurs when they land their first job, but it doesn’t end there. The average person will change jobs seven times over the course of their life, with most of these changes occurring early in an individual’s professional career. If they are lucky they will only have to find one trustworthy advisor, but chances are they have to find two, three or even more. So, where then does a young professional turn to for financial advice? Do they take advice from a random site found on Google? Maybe they realize the value associated with a relationship built on trust and integrity that can only come from a personal advisor. Where will they find this person? We concede, there are sites with lists of advisors, but they are just that, lists. The young professionals could potentially ask their close friends for a recommendation, but maybe they have just moved and do not know anyone yet. In addition, the recent financial crisis has created even more anxiety in finding a trustworthy advisor as many young professionals now realize the importance of proper financial planning. At the very least they likely have seen their parent’s retirement dreams delayed as they attempt to recoup losses. If the crisis was not enough, the devastation connected to the Madoff Ponzi scheme only magnifies the importance of due diligence when researching prospective advisors.

Finance Answers provides a database of advisors. Young professionals can search for nearby advisors, see client reviews, and read the advisor’s background information. As they continue to dig deeper they can view the advisor’s firm, its client’s reviews, and the firms SEC documents. Perhaps, the young professional is just out of college, cannot afford an advisor yet still needs financial advice. If this is the case, they can ask finance-related questions in our Q&A, which allows users to paint their unique situation resulting in higher quality answers from site advisors. This service provides a time bridge while the young professional gets on their feet. It also provides an alternative to taking advice from a financial article that does not specifically considering their situation.

There may be other sites that have pieces and parts of our site, but none that we have found tying it all together. We feel that it’s the difference in having an all star player and having a championship team. We feel each part of our site compliments the others and works in harmony with one another as a whole.

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