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Company description

Filmaster provides cloud-based personalization and analytics solutions for the entertainment industry. Our clientele consists of cable providers, VODs, IPTV platforms and cinema chains.

Filmaster employs algorithms that drive our cloud-based recommendation engine. It allows customers to immediately deploy personalization without the long process of data gathering.


Awards and Mentions
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    MIPCube Labs
    Filmaster was awarded as one of 10 most disruptive companies in TV space during MIPCube Labs, the contest part of a bigger MIPTV conference in Cannes, France in April 2012.
  • Business model

    Filmaster’s cloud is fueled by the data from multiple sources including Filmaster’s consumer apps, customers, (social) mediamonitoring and curation. The personalization platform processes this data and provides the recommendations service tobusiness customers. The analytics platform uses the same data to provide additional services and produce reports.

    Current revenues come from connecting Filmaster's personalization cloud to VOD platforms and cinema chains (Psycho) aswell as cable networks and TV devices (Vertigo).

    Data collected in the cloud by Psycho and Vertigo customers allow Filmaster to offer analytics services to the entertainment industry,eventually positioning Filmaster as a better, more affordable andscalable alternative to Nielsen.

    Competitive advantage

    Algorithms comparison

    Recommendation algorithms are hardly comparable because they need the same input datasets to generatemeaningful and useful results. The algorithms that are available as products are similarly effective from themathematical standpoint i.e. they’re all based on similar principles and vary in insignificant details.

    The practical differences come out in aspects such as flexibility, ease of deployment and effort needed tomaintain, price, and the availability of initial data.

    The Filmaster algorithm

    Filmaster analyzes each viewer’s watching behavior and how the viewer rates videos. Filmaster then combinesthis data with specific film traits (both those explicitly assigned by the editors and those algorithmicallyextracted using AI technologies) and current mood of the user to deliver personalized movie recommendationsrelevant to the specific taste and preference of each user.

    The Platform

    Filmaster delivers a platform that makes TV both personal and social. Your TV will know what you want to watchbased on your taste, current mood, recommendations from friends, and watching trends in entire network.

    Data is a part of the deal

    Data is a part of Filmaster’s offer and is as important as the algorithms. It allows for instant recommendations(solution to the “cold start” problem) and unique features such as mood-based recommendations andinnovative ways to present content.

    • Instant recommendations -- The data provided by Filmaster—movie and shows traits, information about viewers’ tastes, andinterconnections between movies and shows—allows to compute the personalized recommendations evenwithout any initial data delivered by a customer (e.g. how users rated videos).
    • Mood based recommendations -- Filmaster is capable of recommending movies and shows based on viewer’s mood using different mechanisms.A list of recommendations can be generated either directly via user input (as a result of content generated fromFilmaster movie experts), or gathered indirectly from the user via traits generated by AI.
    • Innovative approach to similar movies/shows -- Expert knowledge combined with AI let Filmaster automatically describe movies and shows in an innovativeway e.g. movie A is similar to movie B but less violent, more funny and faster paced.

    Flexibility and ease of deployment

    Filmaster SaaS model means the product is not only out of the box but actually is ready to use from day one.Customer takes control over different variables e.g. whether the algorithm should be more brave or moreconservative. Also, the algorithm is modular, meaning its different parts can play more or less significant rolehen used by different customers delivering the best user experience for their consumers.

    The pricing is flexible and depends on the API usage. It’s important to realize that the SaaS price covers bothhosting and support, so it’s very competitive compared to in-house development or using out-of-the-boxproducts (like those from The Filter or Gravity) which still need to be maintained in-house.

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