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Lausanne, Switzerland Switzerland
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Company description

Faveeo.com is a social discovery engine, that uses the hidden relationships between users of the web, to allow them to automatically discover new, interesting,and personalized content.  By mashing up social media and the semantic web, faveeo creates relations between users so that they can tap into the collective intelligence to find personalized content.

Business model

Faveeo.com can make money in several ways. The firstobvious one, is of course to sell advertisement on our site. As wecan provide a really powerful tagging system, advertizers could verywell buy click based advertisement on specific pages of faveeo,either at a fixed rate or using an « Adwords-like »system of bidding on specific keywords. We can also eventuallyimplement some « behavioral » ads where advertisers wouldtarget people with certain interests and not only specific keywords.

Competitive advantage