Providing capital to digital businesses to help entrepreneurs accelerate their growth.
Beverly Hills, California, United States United States
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Company description

FastPay helps digital publishers, ad-tech businesses and creative developers manage payment cycles and boost revenues. We are truly a next generation commercial finance company - offering streamlined working capital solutions to growing digital media businesses. 
We’ve developed a proprietary technology platform which analyzes a company’s business in real time, reducing our risk and therefore our clients’ cost of capital. Our main focus is to give companies working directly with major brands access to capital immediately after an invoice is sent. Our clients have the flexibility to run their business without raising additional equity or venture debt. 
We can advance 70% to 80% of verified invoices within 24 hours of receiving a request on approved lines. Our typical customer has a revolving credit facility between $100k and $3mm and most importantly, our pricing is designed to be extremely simple and 100% transparent – we’re not a bank so we do not charge any of the typical fees and unlike venture debt, there are no warrants or loss of control.
FastPay has been featured in Inc., Mashable, The Wall Street Journal's Venture Wire and the LA Business Journal - with more to come in 2012!