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Company description is a new platform for artists to sell their video game art directly to fans.

Artists can sell originals and manufactures additional on demand merchandise (shirts, 3D printed figures, framed prints…etc.)


  • Everything merchandise wise is printed in Detroit Michigan, on demand (no inventory costs)
  • Each store is made with responsive web design (one store for multiple viewing devices) and retina ready / HD graphics.  (Almost no other e-commerce sites offer that type of tech) completed the StartEngine accelerator program in January, 2013.  StartEngine is the largest startup accelerator in Los Angeles, California.  Founded by Howard Marks, co-founder of Activision, and Paul Kessler, Principal and Founder of Bristol Capital Advisors, LLC.


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Business model charges flat fees for each item that is sold on the storefronts.  The artist decides how much they want to sell the goods for and then they get the profit after our fees are taken out.

Competitive advantage

Competition wise there are only a few players offering something similar.  Delivery Agent and Café Press are working with film studios and television networks.  Delivery Agent will even use Café Press from time to time for manufacturing so both of their quality control and customer service levels are very low.  Treehouse Brand does the stores for Electronic Arts and is a traditional licensee only paying royalties on the backend.  Jinx is another company very similar to Treehouse as a traditional licensee, but they gets the rights from the brands to sell items on their own site.

What makes us different from these companies is our commitment to only top quality goods, our proven global supply chain, top levels of service and responsive designed white label stores with HD graphics.  Responsive design has proven to increase sell-thru and there isn't a close competitor even offering it as a solution.

We also offer API's that game developers can easily plug into their games in order to interface directly with our stores.  Development of a custom software that will allow gamers to integrate their unique game characters and worlds directly onto merchandise and 3D printed models is also in the works.

paul kessler
paul kessler - Unconfirmed
Co-Chair of Start Engine & Principal and Founder of Bristol Capital Advisors, LLC. Mr. Kessler has extensive experience in all aspects of financing emerging growth public/private companies.
Howard Marks
Howard Marks - Unconfirmed
co-founder Activision, CEO Acclaim Games, Managing Partner of StartEngine.
Start Engine - Unconfirmed
StartEngine ( is a rapid accelerator focused on helping Los Angeles-based technology startups build a solid foundation for success in 90 days.  Created by Howard Marks, co-founder of Activision, and Paul Kessler, one of th...