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Famometer, Inc.
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Company description

Famometer, Inc. was founded with one simple mission, enable users to share their achievements and connect with like minded ones from various disciplines around the world to pursue their dreams even further.

Famometer is attempting to take social networking to the next level where its real benefits are realized.

Famometer provides a platform for everyone including students and their parents to share their achievements, inspiring thoughts, talents and skills in the fields of academics, sports, arts and other extra curricular activities.  It helps reduce pain of students and their parents by providing a central place to store the summary of their achievements with photos (of certificates, awards,  medals, science projects, trophies, etc.) and maintain chronological order of these achievements.


Highlights of Benefits to everyone:

  • Connect with like minded ones from various disciplines to pursue your dreams even further.
  • Students and Parents - chronologically record and share achievements in the fields of academics, sports, arts and other extra curricular activities, thereby opening up limitless opportunities for themselves.
  • Get endorsements from teachers, professors, mentors and coaches and others, further attesting, validating and bolstering the achievements when they actually happened.
  • Bravos! - Give and receive bravos from family, friends, colleagues and others for your achievements.
  • Send easily to Universities – When you are ready for college or any major event in your life, just share this profile with Universities or professors or mentors or coaches and that’s it! All is there with vivid memory, comments, endorsements, etc.

With shared and chronologically recorded and endorsed achievements, it will be possible:

  • for a professor or a scientist to find and connect with young Astro-Physicist.
  • for an NBA coach to find and connect with young and talented basketball player
  • for a musician to find and connect with young composer, etc.
  • possibilities are limitless…

Start sharing achievements of your children today, collect all records, get those endorsed as soon as you can. Tomorrow, it might be a differentiator and tipping point for your child to get his/her dream realized.

Business model

User's shared achievements provides enough insights for effective targeting based on his/her interests.  The advertisers will have focused target market of kids, teenagers and their parents.

We provide low cost, affordable and fixed price per month advertisement.  Famometer markets text ads and banner display ads to small and mid-size businesses with fixed price per month with three pricing models  $9.99, $29.99 and $49.99 for their online and mobile advertisements.

Competitive advantage

Famometer has invested more than 8000 hours to build this complex application which has its own social networking engine. One provisional patent has been filed on the idea and design of 'Share Your Achievements' application.  

With innovation, agility and speed, Famometer can stay a step ahead of any competitors who decides to build services like ours.