Empowering families to easily provide care and support to older loved ones by including them in the “digital loop”.
Portola Valley, California, United States United States
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Company description

FamiliLink is a subscription based service where seniors have access to a single, user-friendly website where all digital content (messages, photos and videos) is aggregated together with calendar events, and helpful reminders for medication and appointments. The senior (older adult) will have their own “Facebook”- like pages enhanced with care tools that is simple to use- no confusing links, no downloads, no multiple websites.  Friends and family members of older loved ones conveniently continue to use their own existing communication tools (text, IM, facebook, picasa, youtube) to stay in touch with their older loves one and include them in the "digital loop". With FamiliLink’s hosted solution retirement communities and homecare facilities can engage residents, enhance their community communications and keep family members easily updated on their client’s well being and .differentiate from their  competition.


Business model




The target markets are concerned family members of aging loved ones and senior care facilities. The market outreach is a dual approach:


1. Targeted online viral marketing: Through forums/ discussion boards, blogs, Google/Yahoo search advertising, and search engine optimization, FamiliLink will reach worried adult children. Viral marketing includes connecting with family members on FamiliLink and inviting them to FamiliLink to stay in touch with their aging loved ones (besides other bridging tools to connect like Facebook). Online advertising at specific interest sites like Caring.com, AARP, etc.


2.   Business development: With large retirement communities, assisted living facilities, home care and disease management companies FamiliLink will also partner with companies with an established customer base such as photo sites (Shutterfly), and drugstores (Walgreens) and with user friendly hardware companies (ASUS) to offer an integrated solution on various devices including wireless touch screen frames, cable TV.


 The revenue model consists of:


-Software as a service: The customized hosted solution for senior facilities at $75 per year per user plus $2000 set up. Optional services include: support and training and hardware.


-Subscription: The individual user at $9.99 per month per user (or $99 per yr). Optional services include photo prints, reminders to phone, bill payment, medication management, etc. Further growth will come from additional services by leveraging the user base and from internationalization.

Competitive advantage



FamiliLink is one of the few solutions specifically designed for older adults. FamiliLink empowers family members to combine care support tools with a fun, friendly and easy to use interface for aging adults, the family (and care facilities) can now more easily provide care support by including them in the digital loop.  Key to FamiliLink is that it does not require others to change their digital/online behavior. Friends and family continue to use their own preferred communication tools to stay connected with their aging loved ones.