Video chat and video conferencing on the web
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Company description

Founded in 2010, FaceFlow is a web-based video chat application that lets you easily and quickly make video calls and video conferences. The application has an intuitive and simple user interface. When you want to invite people to a video chat all you have to do is video call them directly within the website.

The contacts list makes it easy to get in touch with people you often video chat with. 

As of November 2010, the service is in Beta testing and is experiencing a rapid growth.FaceFlow has not been funded yet.

FaceFlow's goal is to make high quality video chat more available and accessible to people, as well as simpler to use.


Competitive advantage

- No download required, leveraging the newest technologies in web communications and the fact that people hate downloading programs when they switch computers.

- Simple and intuitive

- Accessible. We will be covering ALL platforms, not just 1 or 2.