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Hey there! It’s a perfect use of time if you are searching for how to increase your brand recommendations on social media like Facebook as around 70 percent people trust more on friend’s recommendations ads as compared to common advertisement by the brand itself. It will not take much of your time to understand it so let’s just learn it with a scenario.

On a fine day you are using your Facebook as usual and saw a news feed that a friend of you has just liked a page of a pizza shop situated few streets away from your place and commented on it that “Enjoyed a lot on a party thrown by Sara, specially the pizza was just Classical, loved the taste”. Now what comes in your mind other than “O damn? Sara didn’t invite me on her party? I’m goanna kill her for that”. Yes it’s the 2nd thing which hurts you more that they even enjoyed that outclass pizza without you (now she is more guilty right?). Well! The main thing here to be noted is that she actually promoted the brand as well. Now suppose after few days you are planning to go for hangout with few friends and thinking of eating something nearby, what comes in your mind? Its surly goanna be that pizza shop right? Have you noticed that without even promoting themselves the pizza shop has gained a good share of your wallet?

Less Effort More Sales By Facebook

Here we can say that recommended links and pages have to do less work to gain trust and generate sales as compared to the forced links and page ads. The result is speedy and reliable and the effort is less and more effective. So for every brand in this technological century, it is most important to have a social media page and the 2nd important thing is to make people talk about it and recommend it to others.

How Can We Enhance Recommendation On Facebook Page To Get More Sales?

Now when we know about the importance of the recommendation the question arises that how we can do it. So the simple answer to that is “show yourself”. After creating an attractive page on Facebook, associated with site maps and all that, all you have to do is that, float it in the social media. Let people read about it know about it.

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We are a team of social media experts. We have done lot of research on the subject of social media promotion and increasing facebook likes, Twitter followers and specially generating US facebook likes. We have gained lot of knowledge and expertise in completing this process in the most efficient manner. Our professional team of social networking experts provide 100% real facebook likes, photo likes, status likes and twitter followers.

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