F & S Entertainment, Inc.

F & S Entertainment, Inc.
The "Adventures Of" Series Helps Grandparents and Parents in the Military Maintain Long-Distance Relationships With Kids
Oceanside, California, United States United States
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F&S Entertainment, Inc. has created a fun, enjoyable and effective medium for adults to maintain and build upon long-distance relationships with children. Whether a grandparent, single parent or an adult serving in the military, The "Adventures Of" Series will build and/or strengthen any relationship between child and adult; all the while providing enjoyment for the child. Through cartoons and adventurous stories, both child and adult will become closer than ever before.

Business model

The "Adventures Of" Series is a year-long serial where children and adults become the main characters of a story. The adult picks a story theme (a tropical deserted island, a crazy train ride, etc.), creates cartoon representations of both the child and the adult using the "Character Builder" program, and subscribes (providing the billing information and all the pertinent information of both the adult and child). The company does the rest.


Every 2 weeks, for an ENTIRE year, the child will receive a new chapter of the story in the U.S. mail. Each story comes colorfully entitled with the child's name, adult's name and the relationship between them. The story could be about a father and son (The Adventures of Antonio & His Dad) or grandchildren and their grandparents (The Adventures of Sandy, Grandma & Grandpa). The constant appearance of the child's name along with the name and relationship of the adult will become fixed in the child's mind and heart as a special bond between them develops. A bond that neither distance nor circumstance can diminish.


The current pricing is $99.99 for the year. We are working on larger packages that include toys and little presents to be sent with the story. Package prices will go to as high as $300 per year.


There will also be a complete line of custom products for purchase, such as t-shirts, back packs, etc.


The company's main target for The "Adventures Of" Series is children from 4 to 11 years of age. In this age group there are currently more than 24 million children in the United States alone.  With a record 4,315,000 babies born in 2007, the number of children in this target market will continue to grow. And, it is clear, that these groups continue to spend on their children and grandchildren with over $21.6 billion spent on traditional toys in 2008.


Competitive advantage

While no direct competition exists, the Company will compete for spending dollars in both the toy and book segments of the market. With the proper execution of our corporate and marketing game plans, we feel confident that our products will be embraced by the marketplace and will cement our first to market position.