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Company description

EyeBuy’s proprietary solution captures the lucrative impulse buy market (what we call “Cinderella moments”) by identifying the products (clothes, jewelry, shoes, cars) that flash across the TV screen and instantly sending the product information to the viewer for purchase.

TV advertisers spend approximately $150 billion per year creating countless “Cinderella Moments” that vanish from the screen without any direct purchase results. EyeBuy puts those TV advertisers to work for us by leveraging their tremendous ability to create those impulse buy moments and we simply turn them into instant revenue. It is this ability to leverage the TV that separates us from our competitors (who are left with the expensive task of doing it all by themselves).

Furthermore EyeBuy extends that engagement to become a “full-loop” shopping solution that is seamless between online and offline. This allows brands and shoppers to stay continually connected and constantly engaged in the buying loop process. From living room to the local store and back we offer a solution that continually keeps the buying loop “looping"

Business model

We charge per transactional event and revenue share a small piece back to our partners.

Competitive advantage
  • We can capture those TV Cinderella moments- no one else can today
  • Our revolutionary platform will become the standard for how products will become purchased from the television
  • Continual brand and customer engagement both online and offline
  • Revenue generation; We drive new and lucrative revenue streams
  • We are ready now to leverage the TV and its massive ad spend that creates those impulse buying moments for us
  • Advisory Board: Some of the TV and FI industry’s biggest names are on our board