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Stamford, Connecticut, United States United States
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Company description
Semantifi is an open & free semantic search platform to search structured data on the Web. Unlike Google or Bing, Semantifi can index and search structured data to show presentation-ready tables and charts in real-time even from very large databases. Semantifi is truly unique in allowing the community to configure datasets for search and publish them as "Search Apps" i.e. search engines customized with knowledge specific to the datasets. Semantifi envisions that millions of community built Search Apps, not 2 or 3  general purpose keyword search engines, will power search of structured data or Deep Web Search.
Business model
  1. Advertising
  2. Revenue Share of Paid Search Apps
Competitive advantage
  1. KNOWLEDGE BASE driven Semantic Search Platform that is superior to NLP or Natural Language Processing or Keywords driven search technologies
  2. ONE search platform for both documents & data
  3. ONLY search platform to enable community to publish customized search engines or Search Apps