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EXE Marketing & Media Group
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To be successful in today’s entertainment and business environment, you need more than just 

possessing talent and a desire to succeed.  In order for you to truly reach the maximum potential 

of your professional ambition, you need eff ective marketing and promotional development that 

is specifi c to your talent or business model.  Timely and proper showcasing of your talents and 

abilities to strategic clients is paramount to achieving maximum success.  Simply stated, you must 

have an organized, methodical marketing plan to succeed! 


In this eff ort, I created Earth Xstasy Entertainment to be a dynamic marketing resource for peo- 

ple like you who are passionate about achieving their professional goals.  By enlisting my services, 

I vow to research and develop lucrative business opportunities for you that will lead to your career 

advancement.  It will be my goal to explore every possible lead on your behalf, which will include 

thinking outside the box to innovatively maximize your marketing potential.  Accordingly, my 

clients will attest that I am action driven, passionate and dedicated to their success. 


Your career goals and circumstances are unique which will require an individual analysis of where 

you are, where you want to go and what it will take to get you there.  Before we get started, I will 

sit down and get to know you and take the time to fully understand the total scope of your career 

objectives.  Th en, we will move forward together.  My philosophy will always be “when you suc- 

ceed, then I’ve done my job.”  Bottom line, it’s all about you!     


I stand ready to tailor a promotional strategy just for you and unleash all of my creative energy 

to help you realize your dream.  Contact me and let’s get started today! 

Business model



using my intelligence, connections and energyto promote your talent


·     Television,radio, magazines and online publications

·     PromotionalPress Releases - placed on my websites and distributed to other professionalwebsite outlets. 

·     Mediacoverage at all of your appearances to maximize your market exposure.

·     Biographiesand press kits created, as well as distribution to the approved mailing lists.

·     Youhave my commitment to network on your behalf with major and independent labels,in addition to other management and related entertainment companies.



·     It ismy goal to pursue every performing opportunity available to you to showcaseyour talents to the largest audiences possible  and to receive the maximum possible financial compensationfor your efforts. 

·     Submittingyour music to Songwriting competitions which will increase your exposure, whileproviding you the opportunity to win money and prizes. 

·     I willutilize what I call my “smart strategy” by logistically planning and schedulingyour performance events in order to save you time and money.



As your publicist,it is not only my job to promote you, but it is also my job to protect you!

·     I willwork with you to ensure that your creative product is properly protectedthrough proper licensing and publishing. If needed, I will help guide you through this legal process to guaranteethat your hard work and creativity are protected.



I will set up andmanage your professional profile on informational websites devoted to social,musical and radio audiences.



Bottom line, we area team!  My pledge is to be honestand open with you. As your publicist, I will travel to events, shows,conferences and festivals to creatively market your unique talent. You have mypromise to work hard, think outside the box and passionately pursue everycareer opportunity possible that will help make you a success.