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ExaltPay is an online payment processing service provider offering the one stop solution for payments, invoicing and online store. We provide small & medium businesses the utmost convenience of processing online payments besides allowing them leverage electronic invoicing & billing, instant online store creation, and simplified customer management via our all-in-one, unique Internet based solution.

Our highly robust payment platform combines high-end features to render payment processing immensely simplified for businesses. We have designed and developed our payment processing platform uniquely to facilitate agile, efficient and extremely secure payment transactions.

We provide an innovative, reliable online payment platform featuring multiple payment options including Debit/Credit cards, eChecks and Bitcoins. Organizations find our centralized dashboard extremely useful for gaining valuable business insights and accordingly make intelligent business decisions that improve their ROI.

Our strength lies in creating excellent customer experience for businesses looking for a high-end online payment platform. Global businesses have realized better conversion rates and smoother payments by deploying our one-of-a-kind payment processing solution. We are dedicated to helping businesses meet their set goals through our reliable, secure and cost-effective online payment solution

Ensuring enhanced security is our priority. We keep your customers as well as your business shielded from the complexities related to credit card fraud and risks of electronic theft. Bank level security standards are essentially maintained on our end that further relieves our enterprise customers of any security related worries, thereby making us their trusted, valued technology partner.

Besides providing convenient payment processing, we also allow customers to experience the best of invoicing and online store solutions. Small and medium business owners find it extremely convenient to deploy our innovative invoicing solution for creating professional-looking customized invoices, setting terms for early payments, downloading/printing invoices and managing them all easily.

Our online store solution is designed to empower global e-commerce businesses by allowing them sell almost anything online via an easy-to-setup store. We help e-commerce merchants create appealing storefronts that enhance the web presence of their business besides allowing them to leverage the incredible options for multiple payments, Facebook integration and simplified store management.