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Company description

We deliver targeted audio advertisements to people listening to Radio on their smart devices that are contextual and relevant. Using information such as location, demographics, etc. we increase the RoI for advertisers by delivering their ads more precisely and allow them to get instant feedback. This drives increased Ad revenue for Audio broadcasters. We bring the high potential and growth in mobile advertising to the world of Radio/Audio.

Our product offering includes :

1. Ad/content insertion technology - Seamless replacement of broadcast Ads with targeted Ads. Broadcasters who want to benefit from this can use our own UTuneMe App, a vew version of the App branded to their request or use our SDK to add the capability to their existing App

2. An Audio Ad network - A self service online network where advertisers large and small can sign up, set up their ad, set targeting parameters, budgets and start reaching through the network of broadcasters using the above technology.

Both components are well in Beta stage and discussions are ongoing with customers to bring it to market.


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Business model

We are an Audio Ad network delivering instream targeted ads. Broadcasters and advertisers sign up online. Broadcasters add our SDK to their apps, advertisers set up ads with targets and budgets.These are done online. We get money from advertisers for each ad delivered and share a % with broadcaster. Initially though, we will be selling to the broadcasters. The business model is still a revenue share, though broadcasters collect money from advertisers and pay us. Both business models will exist.

Competitive advantage

We do ad insertion on the device closest to the end user(client side insertion) as compared to server side insertion by our two competitors. That allows, for example, geotargeting to a fine degree. It allows ads to be time sensitive. And it makes the solution almost infinitely scalable. Also, we offer an online ad network for all campaign planning and reporting.

In addition, this approach means minimum to no upfront costs for broadcasters to join. While making it simple for advertisers to use.

Being a 2-sided network, we can leverage our early mover advantage to build the broadcasters and advertisers. Scale will bring an automatic barrier to entry for new players.