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Company description

eWisdom TV™ connects people with experts through "How to" Videos and Q&A platforms. The idea of this site was conceptualized for two specific reasons:    

1.  Time required to find the specific answer    

2.  Determining whether that answer is credible and correct

eWisdom TV™ resolves these challenges by creating a win-win situation where people can get expert answers quickly and affordably and experts get paid for their knowledge. 

Business model

Problem: The idea of the site was conceptualized for several reasons: (1) Time required to search for the specific answer on the internet; (2) Determining whether that answer is credible and correct; (3) Changing business landscape and economic crisis

Solution:  eWisdom TV™ provides a powerful way for an expert to create their own business using the talents and abilities that they have to share with the world. At the same time, people from all over the globe who are searching for the answers to everyday problems or situations can receive the information that they seek directly from the How to Videos or our Q&A features.  No one website is going to change the world, but the simple yet powerful foundation of the eWisdomTV™ community mission is to change the way people view themselves and putting them back in control of their destiny while increasing the flow of wisdom to those who seek it.

Business ModelOur model has been built off existing successful business platforms.  We are simply consolidating the methods of gaining credible knowledge into the primary focus of videos.  We are a site that is focused on the aggregation of Experts.  Our business model is based on building a library of video content from credible experts ranging from very high profile experts to the local carpenter that can provide instruction on how to build that TV stand.  Our goal is to build a strong affiliate program that will contribute to the existing model of the commissions generated from experts.  

  1. Video commissions:  $0.99 of the $1.99 video price
  2. Answers on Demand/40% commission for new experts with less than 250 satisfied replies
  3. 20% commission for new experts with more than 250 satisfied replies
  4. Affiliate Programs (participation of external and creating an internal program)
  5. Adsense
  6. Advertising
Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage is that we are focused on the aggregation of experts.