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Eventure 360, Inc.
Quote and Compare IT - The Informed Choice
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Company description

Eventure 360, Inc. is a strategic IT consulting and outsource advisory that delivers efficient, technology-based assessments, strategic sourcing and service integration focused on the evaluation and adoption of emerging Internet technologies.

Business model

Specialized Business + Technology Consultancy focused on niche Internet technologies including complex managed hosting, online video, virtualization and WAN optimization.  Our model is to provide informed decision support to IT outsource buyers.  We focus our expertise in specific IT areas, understanding the general competitive landscape,  available solutions and provider differentiation. Following a data driven comparison we overlay consulting expertise to efficiently align customer's business goals and IT requirements to three or less IT provider solutions. 

Our model is to partner with the leading IT providers in each given segment, teaming on client engagements in a valued added referral model.  With this approach we remain objective and focused on the client (buyer) need while retaining training, support and a compensation component from the provider partner. 

We support this objective with four core service delivery models:

Telephone Consultations
IT Outsourcing Advising
Research & Analysis
Quote & Compare IT

Our core focus on the technology provides subject matter expertise for:

Cloud Technologies (Virtualization)
Content Delivery (CDN) & Online Video Platforms (OVP)
Data Center (Colocation) & Complex Managed Services (Hosting)
WAN Optimization & Internet Performance

Competitive advantage

Key competitive advantages are built from our expertise, provider partnerships, growing knowledge database and advisor network, our efficient process all backed our experience in the Industry.  

Our new service - Quote & Compare IT is a value added referral service designed to help IT buyers save time, money, and reduce risk. Our goal is to help our customers make informed decisions while cutting costs and greatly reducing procurement time. This service is free of charge and there is no obligation to pick a provider. Quote & Compare IT includes technical requirements definition through our online form, provider solution alignment and an initial 15 min consultation with one of our advisors. Resulting in:

  • Exact solution alignment
  • Faster provider response
  • Accurate pricing

Our Value Proposition To Customers

  • Define your requirements once and receive multiple quotes
  • Pre-qualify providers to ensure you are contacted only by the providers able to support your specific requirements
  • A single point of contact with industry expertise to streamline the Request For Quote (RFQ) process.  
  • Pre-qualified providers will contact you directly with quoted proposals
  • If stuck, have the research and knowledge you need a phone call away
  • Informed decision support results in choosing a provider with the right solution for our clients needs.