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Eventsurvey360 is  a complete 360 solution of Surveys, Quiz, Forms, Events, Ticket sales, Rewards system with Marketplace along with Email Marketing with Email Validations.


Event Feedback to the speaker level

Create Surveys, Quiz and Forms

Rewards including Products, Cash, Crypto and Points

Marketplace to redeem points for Subscriptions or buy products.

Email Validation - Email Marketing




The unique feature of ES360 is user can create Events- Sell their Tickets- Create Surveys and get ratings of event and sub categories or even speakers. So users can get to know people's experience right on our website. Also users can submit the question and answers during the event. Organizers/Sponsors can award participants during the event with product gifts or points which can be redeemed on their own products or services in our inbuilt Smart Marketplace. We developed Casino feel reward quiz engine which increases participant experience. Organizers/Sponsors have the ability to collect participants emails and phone during the raffle survey instantly with their preferences which can be imported in to our CRM or API.