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Company description

Eventist is an online community calendar that makes it easy for users to create and search for events for free. Eventist's strength is in its intuitiveness and ability to bring users to the content they want without complications. Eventist is ad-free and will generate revenue from featured events which are featured prominently on the site and have extra content such as video and audio contant.

Business model

Eventist is an LLC that relies more on user-generated content than managerial input. The goal of management is to create a user-friendly environment which will maximize page views and thus drive desire of entertainment venues to create featured events.

Eventist will start in New York City. The aim is to market to the underground community of "starving artists" first. This is a group which readily has events and attends events in the city, but cannot afford usual advertising services. They will build the site's database by creating free events.

Having artists creating events will in turn attract casual followers of these community arts programs to browse the site as a way of finding new goings on in the city. They are the next marketing target.

The third marketing target is the money-maker. Venues which host events on a regular basis will be inclined to pay for a more featured spot on the site and increased content. To get the venues, eventist must first have the followers. This will take some time.

Once the site takes hold in New York City, we will expand to several other major cities in the United States. Eventist eventually hopes to position itself as the main events calendar for multiple countries around the globe.

Featured events will be sold as credits, allowing purchasers to get deals by buying packages. This is especially useful for those with recurring events. Also, revenue will be collected whether or not credits are cashed in.

Eventist hopes to become profitable within two years.

Competitive advantage

Eventist's advantage is in its user interface. Simplicity is a key compenent of the site. A user will be able to get the information they want quickly, easily, and in a format that intuitively makes sense.

The ability to create and browse without a user log-in is also key to gaining as many casual users as possible. This will drive the featured events bringing in revenue.

Eventist is also a site which will avoid standard online advertisements. These detract from the user experience and quickly clutter many competitors' sites.