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Company description

Our product is software which takes isolated events and related information such as documents, photos, audio, video, social-network data, calendars etc and creates an organized multimedia chronicle to visualize, access, search, and create personalized stories.  We consider past, present and future events in your life, find relationships/ compositions in an intelligent way (using our patented algorithms) and show them on a visually intuitive way. Our product serves not only personal users, but enterprises too. Customers can use our tool to summarize activities, measure performances and uncover hidden relationships among event-data. Our visually appealing interface can be used as an advertisement tool by organizations dealing with rich multimedia data. Prof Ramesh Jain is a proactive advisor to us and he has a history of founding four companies, one of which became public. We have talented engineers who have worked for Google, Youtube, Oracle and Mitsubishi Research. We are among the top three in the hiTEC Competition organized by the UCI ICS School.


Some Target Market
Market for Personal Event Viz
•    Facebook (or any other social network) Enhancer App
•    Year Books and Life Logs

Market for Enterprise Event Viz
•    Academia (Educational Institutes, Conference Organizers like SIG, ACM, IEEE)
•    Tourism Industry
•    Healthcare Industry
•    Theme Parks/ Entertainment Organizations.
•    Schools
•    VCs / Angel Investors
•    Books / Publishing Companies

Business model