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EUCLID: an intergovernmental university for sustainable development and capacity building
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EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide | Euclid University) is, like the European Central Bank, NATO or the African Union, an international intergovernmental organization (IGO). It was established by treaty under international law in 2008, a status which is indicated by the authorized use of the restricted ".int" domain.

EUCLID also holds a university charter as well as a specific mandate in the field of higher education and sustainable development. It belong to the exclusive group of intergovernmental universities having that rare status under international law, the most famous of which being the United Nations University and the European University Institute.

EUCLID's constitutive text and charter, approved by its Participating States, was duly registered and published in the United Nations Treaty Series (UNTS 49006/49007) in December 2010 according to the provisions of Article 102 of the United Nations Charter.

As of 2015, EUCLID serves 12 Participating States (just over 6% of the UN membership) spanning 4 continents (Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia-Pacific). Its primary service is to the government staff of its Participating States, but EUCLID also accepts a limited number of students from the general public as well as officials working for non-Participating States. It has headquarters in The Gambia (primary) and Bangui (historic).

Business model

EUCLID's international legal personality and not-for-profit status are granted and confirmed by Article 1a of the constitutional agreement(s):