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ePhiphony Incorporated
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Company description

Having the right amount of inventory is a big headache for small businesses of all sizes.   Fact - bottom 30% performing businesses have NINE times more inventory than their top 20% performing peers. Wouldn't it be nice to make inventory decisions based on business intelligence rather than just a guess?


Our flagship software application, called Phitch, makes it easy for small businesses to optimize their inventory.  We think of it as being on auto-pilot (since Phitch analyzes QuickBooks data to make the right choices).  Our solution -- which uses Fortune 500 level features and is patent-pending -- has been recognized by a variety of publications such as Best of Manufacturing for Inventory Management by Enterprise Minnesota and is also promoted on the Small Business Administration's SBDCNet website. Our website features an online ROI calculator.

Business model
We are building a marketing and sales model that efficiently generates high volumes of low-priced transactions.  This is done primarily by driving traffic to our website.  Then, our inside sales process converts the leads into paying customers.  In the software industry, this is an innovative model. Critical to our success will be to constantly test the ROI on our marketing dollars. 
Competitive advantage
The strength Phitch provides is that it is the only product on the market that optimizes inventory at maximum economic profit. There are 47 companies that are certified with QuickBooks relative to Inventory and Order Management. None of the competitors focus on revealing cash or optimizing inventory and most are complex/stand alone systems that require extensive training and resource time. Nor do they provide electronic coaching services.  The competition focusses on how much invnetory you have and we focus on how much you should have.