Eos Systems

Eos Systems
Redbox for FRESH Deli Meat
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Eos Systems is the Redbox for FRESH deli meat.

The Eos Systems Deli Self Service Kiosk allows meat producers to expand their distribution to stores without deli counters, and offer operating cost savings to retailers that already have a counter. With the patented Eos System’s kiosk, consumers are able to easily place their orders and have their meat and cheese sliced, weighed, and packaged faster than at a service counter. Consumers have shown a preference for fresh meat, due to the preservatives and added chemicals in prepackaged varieties. With our 24/7 self-service machine, FRESH bulk meat and cheese will be accessible to more consumers at more locations – faster!

Our innovative cleaning and sanitizing system reduces the risk of product contamination beyond what can be achieved at a traditional deli counter. Studies have shown that retail sliced meat, sold at a deli counter, is 4.27 times more likely to cause illness from contamination than prepackaged meat. The Eos Systems Self-Service Deli Kiosk provides the ability to ensure food safety and quality through automatic cleaning cycles and reduced product exposure and handling. The automatic lockout functionality prevents product from being sold that does not meet the highest standards of quality.