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Company description

Enroll is a collaborative worldwide learning platform that connects students, parents, educators, and institutions through a suite of affordable services, including tutoring, college and scholarship search, ratings and recommendations, aggregation of online courses (MOOCs), an e-portfolio and a marketplace for digital materials. 

Business model
  • Rev Share of tutoring tuition and monthly membership dues ($15 per tutor) from tutors in exchange for reduced rev share
  • SaaS analytics and marketing packages for colleges and universities
  • Rev Share marketplace of online courses and digital resources (MOOCs, lesson plans, study guides, etc.)
  • Marketing services for student loan providers


  • Tutoring— individual, group, course-based, assignment based, just-in-time
  • Online course aggregator- confirmed partners with EdX, SkillShare, MyOpenCourses
  • Higher education search, planning and preparation
  • Career and personality testing
  • E-Portfolio development
  • Scholarship and grant search
  • Resource marketplace — lesson plans, study materials, e-textbooks
Competitive advantage

With enroll’s advanced design, technology and comprehensive collection of resources and tools, you never need to leave the site, saving time and costs, while giving anyone in the world the opportunity to make money from shareable skills and knowledge. 

Many educational services websites exist, but all focus on one or two products/services. Enroll will offer students, parents, educators and educational resource providers an ecosystem through which they can achieve myriad, disparate goals.

Quantcast: 700K+ avg uniques per month pre-launch

Facebook: 1mil+ engaged followers (85% under age 25)

Pre-registered tutors: 270K

Built mobile-first, in net 4.5, html5 responsive design, over 25K development hours invested and a killer 6-letter URL (worth $1mil) all put us well above the competition. Mobile applications for Android and iOS in development and with amazing design. We feature an ability to generate a huge a user base through proven marketing tactics

Market Size

Launch date September 2013; Target Audience for launch: 13-25 year olds preparing for college enrollment cycle.

Currently 270K pre-registered enroll tutors! Projected 25K (10%) paying members ($15/month enroll certified tutor member fee; ability for tutors to generate their own revenue for 20% platform-use fee; non-members can still create free profile, for 40% revenue fee for platform use) Tutors market themselves through media-rich profiles, student-targeted campaigns and engagement mechanics (gamification).

Through content marketing on social media we have 1mill+ Facebook followers (85% under age 25), ~700K uniques ave per month, demonstrating a strong need and excitement for enroll’s services, leading to a projected 5mill users in our first year. We verify our users through Facebook and/or Google+ sign on, allowing our fast-paced digital natives to start using enroll’s free services in a matter of seconds. Once you have completed the portfolio wizard, everyone receives a free tutoring session.

Key partner with a 20 person education-focused sales team to reach colleges to become enroll partners. Additional partnerships including EdX, SkillShare, MyOpenCourses, IndieGoGo, Mozilla Badges +many more non-profit, education companies, telecommunications and international groups, for various campaigns & outreach strategy. 4 years of market research from current students and alumni of colleges around the world, gives us millions of data points to share with colleges, where they may claim their profiles and upgrade to improve marketability to students (prospective, current & alumni) & receive analytics.