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Company description

Enplug's Plug & Play mini device turns any digital display into an interactive and real-time marketing tool for businesses. The Enplug App Market lets businesses choose a variety of content to display ranging from the brand's live social media feeds, product videos, news feeds, weather, and more. All content and apps are easily managed in Enplug's online portal.

350+ companies use Enplug to improve customer engagement, increase referrals, and strengthen their brand. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Co., TechCrunch, and named CSQ Magazine's Top 10 Innovators.


Awards and Mentions
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    Every year, CES draws the biggest names in tech to Las Vegas for a conference full of new product releases, tech-head comradery, and battles between major companies for who can win the consumers over. Enplug was invited (out of 372 startups) to participate in the ‘2015 Showstoppers Launch.it Pitch Competition,’ where startups battle it out to earn top honors at #CES2015. After a day full of amazing pitches from some of the hottest tech startups in the world, Enplug took home first place!
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    The Silicon Valley Business App Awards (SVBA) are designed to showcase and reward the greatest achievements and innovations across mobile app, social app and wearable technology & mobile device categories. Aimed at putting the spotlight on the best innovations, the awards will be bestowed on individual or collective efforts, selected by an eminent Jury comprising leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley.
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    Vator Splash Oakland is Vator's premier startup event and competition.
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    The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A) joined with TechCrunch to host Startup Showdown, a competition between ad-tech startups. We were 1 of 15 finalists selected from around the country to present. The competition was fierce, the judges were unforgiving, and the audience was demanding. But that just encourages us to go for gold.
  • Business model

    Enplug has multiple channels of monetization:

    • Venues subscription for AURA display
    Venues pay $149+ month as well as a set-up fee for an AURA display 

    • Advertisers
    Advertisers are able to displays ads on screens across our network, and run efficient campaigns by using our demographic data to hyper-target their desired consumer segment.

    • Software Licensing 
    Third party networks can license Enplug technology to run their own digital out of home networks. We already have independent networks paying to license our software.

    • Resellers
    Enplug is already on 5 continents thanks to international resellers who leverage our brand to sell in their region.


    • 10% Apps
    • 20% Software Licensing to digital signage operators
    • 33% Monthly software subscription for businesses with Enplug
    • 35% Advertising on Enplug displays
    • 2% Installation fees
    Competitive advantage


    Enplug’s display application framework is the first open computing platform for public displays of all sizes. Built with developers in mind, it enables standardized rapid development of applications for large displays located anywhere from indoor businesses to outdoor arenas. The platform makes it easy to tap into real-time events broadcasted across the internet and perform advanced logic to show engaging feedback to users using the screens.

    Enplug has leveraged its world class engineers to build a prorpietary state of the art platform, using the latest technologies and consumer facing hardware to have the lowest installation and operating costs in the industry.

    We provide unprecedented metrics to advertisers and venue owners. Read our case study for a taste: http://enplug.com/assets/pdf/Enplug-CaseStudy.pdf 

    Our traction speaks for itself, with hundreds of premium locations and major advertisers ranging from Red Bull to Uber.


    • Two-way communication channel
    • Engaging content
    • Real-time updates
    • Themes to customize screen
    • Ready-to-use templates


    • Turnkey solution
    • Manage all content on web app. No downloads needed.
    • Automatic software updating
    • Apps-enabled
    • Automatic content filtering
    • Real-time analytics
    Howard Marks
    co-founder Activision, CEO Acclaim Games, Managing Partner of StartEngine.