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The Engagement Marketing Network
New York, New York, United States United States
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The Engagement Marketing Network

EngageSimply has created a “pull” marketing platform that offers marketers the tools to tell compelling, multi-media stories, and offers consumers the chance to engage with marketing messages on their own terms. The result is a deep brand experience that the customer controls, trusts, and fully engages with.

Our ability to find and cultivate quality audiences that choose to engage with advertising offers a unique value that contrasts with the cycle of declining impact and declining value in which most digital advertising is caught.

EngageSimply delivers high-impact advertising by:

  • Exploiting in-demand but poorly served topics to gather engaged audiences via our topic-focused online communities;
  • Building content hubs as needed to meet advertiser goals;
  • Replacing the typical noisy banner ad environment with an opt-in approach that consumers can engage with when they are ready;
  • Creating a “contextual advertising” unit that includes multi-format content elements integrated with content syndication, social amplification, e-commerce, and hyper-local promotions, as needed;
  • Extending our reach to a network of websites with similar engagement characteristics and delivering our unique advertising experience to consumers there.

Advertisers benefit from our ability to quickly and efficiently deploy highly effective advertising experiences both on our own websites and within our network of high-engagement websites.








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Business model

EngageSimply creates high-value advertiser engagement opportunities around special-interest content, and monetizes that engagement several ways:

  • Creating immersive “contextual advertising” experiences that incorporate multi-media, demand generation, e-commerce, and hyper-local promotions.
  • Building communities for brands that integrate paid, earned, and owned media initiatives.
  • Coordinating these advertising experiences with content syndication and social amplification capabilities to maximize their impact.
  • Developing e-commerce and affiliate businesses related to special-interest topics.
Competitive advantage

EngageSimply’s competitive advantage results from the intersection of:

  1. EngageSimply’s premium-value connections between advertisers and consumers, unlike those produced by standard digital ads.
  2. EngageSimply’s Digital Engagement Planner, a proprietary tool that simplifies the task of planning and achieving targeted results – i.e., reaching a number of prospects and customers who will pay attention and interact with a brand’s or a product’s story.
  3. EngageSimply’s Web publishing platform, which is uniquely designed to maximize consumer engagement, tell a compelling brand or product story, and generate learning about the architecture of high-engagement digital content.
  4. EngageSimply’s management team, which is deeply versed in creating and monetizing customer relationships.
  5. EngageSimply’s opt-in customer database of consumer interests, product needs, and brand preferences.


judy shapiro
Judy Shapiro is CEO/ founder of engageSimply; a marketing engagement venture and is chief brand advisor at CloudLinux. Judy has held senior marketing positions at AT&T, Bell Labs, Computer Associates, Comodo, Lucent Technologies and NWAyer.