Location: 430 Sherman Ave, , Palo Alto, California, United States United States
Number of employees: 6-15
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EngageClick Inc

Palo Alto, California, United States United States
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EngageClick provides a digital advertising engagement platform to increase consumer engagement with ads by personalizing them and making them more relevant and engaging across multiple screens. The platform is a merger of data driven techniques, machine learning, big data, and cognitive science to learn and explore consumer engagement behaviors. It predicts consumer engagement behavior and then use the information to create, deliver, optimize, and relearn display and video ads.

The team consists of strong technical members - grads from MIT, CMU, Berkeley, and other top universities. The team is supported by founding members of Google Ads and Ops team, head of mobile and emerging market at Yahoo, Worldwide Chief Digital Officer at Ogilvy, Founder and CEO of Greystripe, etc.

Success results with several large retail, finance, insurance, auto, and other categories have seen more than 200% improvement in ROI for our clients.