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Applicant Tracking System Software
Emeryville, California, United States United States
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Do you feel stressed on the issue of recruiting a qualified candidate and storing the information for further reference? Have you felt that the procedure of organizational recruiting exhausts you? Do you feel stranded when you are in the middle of an ongoing hiring procedure and there is so much scattered and unorganized data that you are freaking out. If that’s the case then employAstar, cloud based recruitment solutions are made for you.

We have the most advanced Application Tracking System (ATS) to resolve all your problems and it’s based on the world’s topmost CRM platform, Salesforce. At employAstar we believe in simplifying and automating the recruitment process to its core.

No more juggling is needed to figure out the relevant information from the resumes. No more feeling burdened by the amount of scheduling or the number of email & sms sending or formation and application of various modules, as employAstar recruitment software does it all for you.

Our mission is to be a global recruitment software provider admired for its superior technology, innovative solutions and customer first approach.